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Printed Icing sheets..ask a quote


Chocolate Transfer sheets

New!. Icing sheets in colors..
Another First from us.

Making a world out of digital edible imaging with Photocake ICING SHEET, CHOCO SHEET and TRANSFER SHEET:

Perfect photocake in a minute......Photocake technology is already reaping riches around the world. Now scan your favorite photographs, Greetings, Sketches, Messages or Wishes and print it on our special edible Icing sheet also called Frosting sheet. It's just that simple. You need no special skills for photocakes. 

A really fantastic opportunity to bakery's and cake shops to digitally decorate and add value through photocakes. With this technology, using photocake edible Icing sheets, photocake edible ink cartridges, photocake refill kits and our expertise you can deliver the perfect photocake (photo-on-cake) in just a few minutes.

        Its not a RICE Paper photocake or POTATO Paper photocake(Also called wafer paper). Our edible photocake Icing sheets also called Frosting Sheets are made from Corn starch, sugar and don't add that EXTRA THIN layer to the cake, they just melt into the cake topping with in minutes. 

         Made from the finest quality  ingredients available our edible photocake Icing sheets / Frosting sheets are of "FOOD GRADE". You have nothing to worry about. We are certified by APEDA, India for export.
         With this new and latest “Photocake DIGITAL SERVICE”  you can have a dream photograph, sketch , greetings or a image on cake starting at just Rs. 60*/- (US $ 1.2 onwards. ( estimate for a A4 sized medium quality printout).  Now with this simple photocake technology you can now personalise Cakes , Cup cakes, Pastries and lot more.....Our photocake Icing sheets can be used on Butter, Fresh and Rich cream cake toppings.
We are the only manufacturer of photo cake Icing sheets in India meeting all global standards. Call us now.....we are now offering fantastic rates for this festive season. Mail us for more information. 

You can also try our two new manufactured products "CHOCO SHEET " and "TRANSFER SHEET" for chocolates this season
in addition to our "PHOTOCAKE ICING SHEET". 
Icing sheets in our "Unlimited Expressions" team.
"Choco sheet" : Inkjet photo transfer on to white chocolates. Send a mail for more information
"Transfer sheet" : Regular and Custom pre-printed transfer sheets for Milk, Dark / Brown and White chocolates. With just US$ 15.00 as setup fee we now print transfer sheets for even small orders of 50 no's. Now print as you like on transfer sheets. Your messages, Logo's and greetings absolutely anything you wish on Dark / Brown Milk and White chocolates. Customize chocolates like never before. Send us a mail for more information
Test reports : Icing sheets US Format , UK Format and AU format

NEW..2012 just launched...Ready to use printed greetings / messages on  Icing sheets.

New!..Transfer sheets
any size any shape


Full A4 size icing sheets

Photocake Icing Sheets/ Photocake Frosting sheets: Made from the finest quality food ingredients.
Our Photocake edible sheets produce the perfect crystal clear printouts for memorable photocake presentation.

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