RICE PAPER (wafer paper) & Photocake:

The so-called rice paper was originally thought to be made by macerating the pith of rice free and spreading it into sheets.
It was not until the late 19th century that its true manufacture was discovered by Europeans. In Japan a thin, white paper made from mulberry was called rice paper and the Chinese produced a similar paper of bleached rice stalks which they also called rice paper. The rice-paper plant's branches are cut into 4 foot lengths and then put into water to soak. The pith is then extracted and dried and the stalks are pared creating long spiral strips which are then flattened and cut into smaller squares. It is much like papyrus in that no pulp, vats, or screens are used in its manufacture. Rice paper was introduced into Europe in 1805.

         Edible Rice paper:  A thin, dry, nearly translucent sheet made from a dough of rice flour and water. Edible rice paper that was used for Photocake printing was made from ground rice flour. This paper was also used to wrap spring rolls and other Asian foods. Edible Rice paper was for some time used in Photo cake printing.

        "We recommend Icing Sheets over rice paper for a perfect photo cake printing"